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The AnthroGlobe Journal

An initiative to broaden international electronic communication in Anthropology



Our History


Last edited: 29 October 2005

In 1996 a group of self-appointed colleagues created AnthroGlobe to stimulate the establishment of a truly gobal electronic system for anthropologists. We believe that it can be done in a manner that will increase regional equity in communication. After nearly two years' experience we realised that we were missionaries preaching and that the world did not need us in the manner we had anticipated.

In 1998 therefore we have altered our focus, though with the same goals of increasing international interactive equity. We feel we can do this best by creating a highly experimental web anthropology journal which will respond to the wishes of our colleagues wherever they are.

Applications for membership in AnthroGlobe, which carry with it responsibility for the Journal's policy directions, and sometimes volunteer help, should be sent to Hugh Jarvis. We ask also that ALL readers, and particularly those from Europe, Asia, and Africa, register their email addresses with WEDA, the World Directory of Anthropologists, through the web site at or by email to Hugh W. Jarvis.


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