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The AnthroGlobe Journal

An initiative to broaden international electronic communication in Anthropology



The Constitution of AnthroGlobe


Last edited: 29 October 2005

  1. The organization described herein shall be known as AnthroGlobe.
  2. The present constitution shall replace all or any former constitutions for AnthroGlobe, which shall now be null and void.
  3. The primary functions of AnthroGlobe are to:
    1. support global internet communication in anthropology
    2. operate a website and data base known as The AnthroGlobe Journal
  4. Membership in AnthroGlobe consists of all those persons duly inscribed in The AnthroGlobe List server, as recognized by the “owner” or the List server.
  5. All contributors of content to the AnthroGlobe Journal, together with all Corresponding Editors, Translators and WebMasters are entitled to Membership in AnthroGlobe.
  6. Any member of the Board may name additional Members of AnthroGlobe subject to approval of the nomination by the Board. In principle these will be persons whose interests contribute to the global reach of the organization.
  7. The Board of AnthroGlobe shall consist of the Corresponding Editors, WebMasters, and other persons approved by the members of the Board
  8. The functions of the Board are to act as a committee meeting by email to:
    1. create policy for the day to day operation of the organisation
    2. create general policy for the approval of the Membership
    3. supervise the operations of the Managing Editor in general terms
    4. approve appointments on the recommendation of the Managing Editor
    5. appoint a Treasurer should the need arise.
    6. approve of and supervise any budget and financial arrangements.
  9. Decisions of the Board shall be taken where necessary by majority vote of those voting.
  10. The Board shall elect its own Chairperson.
  11. Any member of the Board may open discussion by email at any time.
  12. There shall be a Managing Editor appointed by the Board whose functions will be:
    1. the general administration of AnthroGlobe
    2. the editorial and functional supervision of The AnthroGlobe Journal
  13. Should AnthroGlobe obtain funds for its use, the Board shall appoint a Treasurer to administer finances.
  14. There shall be Corresponding Editors.
  15. The Board will approve the areas of responsibility for each Corresponding Editor, on the recommendation of the Managing Editor
  16. The Term of office for each Corresponding Editor shall be three years, with the possibility of renewal.
  17. The Board will appoint one or more WebMasters and their assistants who will carry out the technical duties for the maintenance and improvement of the web site, under the general direction of the Managing Editor
  18. The term of office of the Managing Editor, WebMasters and their assistants shall be at the pleasure of the Board.
  19. The Managing Editor may authorize, within financial possibilities, the appointment of part time paid assistants.
  20. This constitution may be Amended only by the majority of votes cast by the Members of AnthroGlobe
  21. This Constitution consists of 21 paragraphs and shall come into effect on its approval my the majority of votes cast by the Members of AnthroGlobe, as certified by Managing Editor and reported to the Board.

Date placed before the Membership: 1 November 2004

Cyril Belshaw (acting) Managing Editor

Date certified as approved by the Membership:

6 November 2004 Pacific Standard Time

Approval recognised by Members of the Board:

Allen Turner -- Paulo Grango -- Hugh Jarvis -- Matthew Ciolek -- Cyril Belshaw


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